Sunday, November 28, 2004

ironing: chopin

yes , ironing.
i m not used to housework stuff.

maybe that's why i do love ironing.
i ve been ironing all the afternoon.
not an interesting thing, u can suppose.
not at all.
but that's what i needed.
like drawing something,
i think i can do it so perfectly.
i don't like the first stroke, it flattens clothes in a way they look so shapeless,
but every gentle movement of the hand draws a line which gives the final frame.
i ve been listening to chopin.
not a very logical session or orthodoxical (?) connection.
but that was a catharsis.
my way of catharsis.

been meandering about with my thoughts, when no other ways seem to be possible or likely.
just moving hands somewhere around,and my thoughts, silently eloquent,following useless signs.