Monday, November 17, 2008

all the modern things...


This morning I had to catch a plane. It was Monday, it was early in the morning, but it was late and this time was not my fault. Briefly, it's November 17th.

I texted my love and of course I forgot my mobile on the taxi.
So I had to leave without. Practically ALONE.
Alone before taking off, alone after landing, alone in the shuttle to the airport, alone in the bus, alone in the train. In the shuttle I was so terribly blue watching each passenger dealing with minimum 2 mobiles on their hands and ears that I stupidly missed that the door besides me was opening and I hardly failed to fall.
I couldn't ever imagine to feel so unease to be without this little thing in my bag. And I realized how this little thing helps me to feel so close to my love everywhere and every time I’m away.
He’s always there for me, and I lean on him, in presence and in absence. A sense of protection and fusion, which I’ve been experiencing with my parents.
This was something I was already conscious of.
But, this accident and all the misadventures I’ve been through since this morning, made me understand how this tiny, annoying, ringing thing is the substitution for my LOVE when I’m not there, and how he's so important to me in every single step of my life.

Current mood: tired