Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jack in the box

although me getting up at 2 pm, this was a way too prolific day.

it seems like everywhere we go, we find somebody who presents us with something special.
this time was a calligrapher who wrote our names in magnificent arabian letters and gave us the titles of prince and princess. that was true for some reasons and truly a charm.

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then despite our carrying way too heavy shopping bags including a brand new red lantern for km, we came through the most terrific paper, a sort of danish motif (the same pattern was on a brooch i bought last year at the danish christmas market) which boosted our imagination and converted it in a quite big family of swans, 2 boxes, and a flying sherazade , i made out of nothing,

which i'm quite proud of...

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If time had a remote control, i'd put tonight on pause, and this for 24 more least

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