Tuesday, February 08, 2005

chill out

...suis naze,
just need some rest, some beauty sleep,
felt: cold, acccomplished, headachy, cold again, maybe the flu...
came back to my box, marcella on the phone, good luck marcella, merde, everything u want, u just have to seat & pass it, feel better, no hungry, my pics have disappeared again, thx arno , last day of Carnevale, have seen no masks, apart from stupid gang of bullies covering lana with shaving-like foam, then running away, or staying still in front of me with silly face asking stupid questions, like "are u a model?", which freaks me out, i answer "go away or less ill kick u in the ass", ils font chier, fuck them, some others bring me tissues, my bag is full of stupid white tissues; professor repeating "be happy, be veronica", which sounds good, which is a nonsense.