Wednesday, December 22, 2004

gingerbread man of the day.

these are two of my Christmas presents (at least i suppose them to be).

M.'s offered to lana:

- the most-wanted, top-rated, high- performancing, blah blah, gmail account, which is cool and hot, even if i dont know why, yet. ("but it's still only a handful of lucky ducks who have snagged an account. And while the rest of us go hungry, you can be sure that the best email addresses are being gulped down by nefarious hooligans. ")
so, u can add this account to yours... and send an email to yours truly's new address (of course, ill use both of them, the new + old) :

-my personal domain, which is quite a luscious thing for lana and her personal lanapigeonholingworld
...which i ve started concocting ( sheer theory at the moment).

many many thx to m. be happy, prince!.

mood: fab ... but perdigiorno
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smell: not identified mum's parfume
currently thinking : "ive sorted it out! my msn is back! lets announce it to dad + msn sweetheart's buddies"