Tuesday, December 14, 2004

colorama 2

ok, u need explanations as far as i can give them.
so, this used to be my favourite skirt. it was my "pulp skirt". i like its colours and not much its shape,which isn't that fashionable. but i didnt mind.i dont care. i like vintages,as everybody knows.
and i thought it was astonishingly drole
the first time i wore it , d. told me it matched perfectly with his mini cooper (the new one)----> and so it does now with his old one- if only we went out once in a while.i had a fringe, too. and i looked very Brit, someone said. everytime i go out wearing this skirt, i come across someone who stops me saying "how nice". which i m really proud of.

now i have many favourite skirts. i think the one i bought at camden town market's my fave.
but i still wear this one when im in colorjuice.

u noticed?, my clownish mood's not undergone these last two days.