Monday, November 29, 2004

special mentions.

- one goes to marcella (re: her sweet text) thanks ciccia;

- mention n.2 goes to n. (re: today's graduation ). (we dramatically spent together our last exam's eve passionately revising). congratulations

- n.3 goes to d-flannel (re: for mellow writing about me). thx again

- n.4 goes to m. (re: my personal photos storage). thank you.

-mention n. 5 goes to d. (re:helping me to find out msn mess thingy solutions). thx anyway.

-mention n.6 goes to l.( re:tu me manques aussi et bcp). bisous

-mention n.7 goes to s. (re: advice and ego-enhancing me). have a paramount week , please.

-mention n.8 goes to d-venden (re: praising my socks).