Friday, November 26, 2004

a once and future love

winning photo of the latest mission: re:>> single use


title:"a once and future love"
description: <<you know that moment, the morning after a sublime f*, when the person who is now ostensibly your lover is in the shower, and you're praying they're not thinking something like 'sweet jesus, what the f* did i do last night?' and that you'll see them again and that this hasn't just immeasurably scr* up your friendship, and that there's somewhere you can go from here and that they love you enough that they'll want to sleep with you again sometime, because it was one of the most magnificent moments in your entire life? i sure as hell know that moment>>.

the Jury said: >> You know that moment, you look at a picture and read the text and suddenly you feel that these two things go together in perfect harmony. "A Once And Future Love" is for sure too perfect for single use. We at least can hardly resist to look at it over and over again

nice picture, allright;
do u agree that's the best shot of " all the disposable, temporary, and fleeting ingredients of life"?.

i dont, that much.