Tuesday, November 02, 2004

i am curious : the swinging states.

Latest opinion polls show George W Bush and John Kerry in a virtual dead-heat.

i m pretty sure bush's gonna win ,though. hoping the necessary amount of US citizens are fickle enough to change their mind.

points i haven't understood about the US election method:

Forty-eight states have the standard “winner-takes-all” electoral system: whichever presidential ticket amasses the most popular votes in a state wins all the electors of that state. Maine and Nebraska are the two exceptions. In these states, two electoral votes follow the winner takes all system and the rest (two for Maine, three for Nebraska) follow the “district system,” a popular vote within each congressional district. While neither Maine nor Nebraska has ever split its electoral votes, this election could be a first. Currently, Kerry holds a slight lead in Maine, but if Bush wins in the 2nd District, the President would get one of the state’s four electoral votes.
Another wild card is Colorado’s Amendment 36, which would take effect immediately if it passes on Tuesday. This initiative would split up Colorado’s electoral votes based on the percentage of votes each candidate wins in the state. Since Colorado is currently too close to call, Amendment 36 would most likely result in five electoral votes for the winner and four for the loser, potentially changing the outcome of the presidency and ensuring even more lawsuits than we saw in 2000.