Tuesday, September 28, 2004

favourite things

listening to:>>Otto ohm-amore al terzopiano

one of the (few)sweetest things of coming back is to find something of your own, which u really -really cherish.

its pretty incredible how before leaving my orange sponge large hat was definitely my favourite item. then i forgot it at home (can t remember if there was no room for it in the suitcase or just forgot it?).unfortunately i dont have much time to linger on researches.

this pm , the official excuse is that i need to arrange my stuff in the wardrobe which is dramatically too packed to fill it with all the clothes still folded in the suitcase (!!!!!).

l objet retrouvé is worth a reason for switching from melancholy mode(perennial) to optimistic pause(half an hour?).would it be great if colourtheraphy could last a few other days