Saturday, November 22, 2008

lomo everywhereness

we're also part of this ("move your camera" section!)

and of this.

All pics are taken by no, giulio and me.

and watch THIS mit Peter. We're so really everywhere.

Monday, November 17, 2008

all the modern things...


This morning I had to catch a plane. It was Monday, it was early in the morning, but it was late and this time was not my fault. Briefly, it's November 17th.

I texted my love and of course I forgot my mobile on the taxi.
So I had to leave without. Practically ALONE.
Alone before taking off, alone after landing, alone in the shuttle to the airport, alone in the bus, alone in the train. In the shuttle I was so terribly blue watching each passenger dealing with minimum 2 mobiles on their hands and ears that I stupidly missed that the door besides me was opening and I hardly failed to fall.
I couldn't ever imagine to feel so unease to be without this little thing in my bag. And I realized how this little thing helps me to feel so close to my love everywhere and every time I’m away.
He’s always there for me, and I lean on him, in presence and in absence. A sense of protection and fusion, which I’ve been experiencing with my parents.
This was something I was already conscious of.
But, this accident and all the misadventures I’ve been through since this morning, made me understand how this tiny, annoying, ringing thing is the substitution for my LOVE when I’m not there, and how he's so important to me in every single step of my life.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

sigur ros!



more icelandic earfood...
these guys must be some elfs. i really liked the drumer's hat, and the singer had sparkling magic powder on his face.

(videos are coming asap)

Monday, November 10, 2008

new cam/2!

so, even if we didn't go to the northern coutries this weekend as planned, the North came to us today.

We had lunch in this Finnish restaurant:

Arno choose reindeer meat as a starter. I was in the mood of tasting, so I did it, i suspiciously tasted and I must admit it was not that bad.

My dish was more exotic, kind of sardines and other fish deliciously cooked.

I had my daily stop in a shop; Arno's lingering outside with his new toy, trying not to be involved

Then we went to one of our favourite places', where we found one of our signes.

Signes in french spells as cygnes, and that's what we also found:
Swans are so amazing, they're so peaceful, and some of them are so white and so pure, but they're pretty aggressive when you try to approach.

and a special gathering for a newborn baby:

new cam!

say hi to my boy's new canon g10 camera

testing some jumps... (so funny):
and from the above position:

and say hi to the brave daisy who went sleeping earlier this spring just because she decided to have a winter solo life.

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