Saturday, December 09, 2006


said the girl on her bycicle on the wet road.

This was in the fact motivated by our fiatou and its strangeness and smallness.
in our minds this word went to the concert we had just finished to live, which is now my favourite ever.
#photos maybe to come.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

introducing you to giacinto and narciso

so, while the christmas tree's gonna spend its first night alone in the dark corridor, i'm completely excited about my two new friends: narciso and giacinto.
I mean it is weird, half of my life was spent in trying to figure out the meaning of their existences in Greek mithology, and now, there they come, they're gonna share their blossoming lives in my own home.

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Jack in the box

although me getting up at 2 pm, this was a way too prolific day.

it seems like everywhere we go, we find somebody who presents us with something special.
this time was a calligrapher who wrote our names in magnificent arabian letters and gave us the titles of prince and princess. that was true for some reasons and truly a charm.

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then despite our carrying way too heavy shopping bags including a brand new red lantern for km, we came through the most terrific paper, a sort of danish motif (the same pattern was on a brooch i bought last year at the danish christmas market) which boosted our imagination and converted it in a quite big family of swans, 2 boxes, and a flying sherazade , i made out of nothing,

which i'm quite proud of...

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If time had a remote control, i'd put tonight on pause, and this for 24 more least

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Finally december!

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After having felt oh so guilty during the whole day because of me getting more and more vain and growing insane because of clothes, and after having managed to buy no more than 2 tshirts of my dreams,
the night turned out to be the most peaceful landscape.
We started to open the winny-the-pooh advent calendar windows and ate the first moulded heart of chocolate. That followed a quest for some red origami paper we're gonna use as decoration for our christmas tree and the discover of a small shop in which a white haired papergeppetto gifted some of us with a seahorse shaped lightblue origami.

so we are still looking for the paper swans but yet we found the best tree topper ever....